What's New at the LMS-USA Website

We have the latest issue of Table Talk, check it out:

We have uploaded our link page for Project Wittenberg -- which has been a wonderful source of Lutheran Documents and online publishing information for LMS-USA as we develop our website. Be sure to pay them a visit.

Below, you will find listed our Subscriptional Documents -- including many classic Lutheran texts:

All of our Membership Application Information is now online for interested parties to view and/or complete. If you are a pastor or member of a church exploring a change in affiliation, please have a look here for all the documents you will need.

We have several new Positional Documents available including discussions about:

The Official Newsletter of the LMS-USA -- Table Talk -- we've archived the past issues and put the current issue up for you to check out. Table Talk is the quarterly newsletter of the LMS-USA and has lots of great features.

The Charismatic Movement in the Lutheran Church

by Rev. Julius V. Kimpel. This booklet details many of the key concepts of the Charismatic Movement in the Lutheran Church, including important foundational principles of the LMS-USA (the Four Solas). Be sure to check it out!!!